Wireless Network Access

All buildings and public places, including dining services, coffeeshops, and the pub offer access to the wireless network.

You will receive a temporary username and password valid for the duration of the workshop together with your badge on the first day of the meetings.

File format for talks

There will be a computer and a projector at each session managed by the conveners. Speakers must give their talks to the conveners prior to the session. Speakers CAN NOT use their privare laptops.

Each computer will run MAC-OS and will have Adobe Acrobat.

The preferred format for the talks is PDF.

Speakers are strongly advised to not bring Powerpoint or Key-Note format files because of problems with the fonts.

Computer Facilities

The Berkeley room contains 15 Mac computers for participants to check their mails and print documents.

Printing Facilities

The color printer is located in Berkeley room.

Here the instructions to configure the printer:

Windows XP-2000


Easy solution to print ps or pdf ONLY! (both Win and Linux)

Uploading Material for the Workshop

We have workspace area on the CKM2005 website for each working group. If you need to share documents with other participants contact your convener. They can follow the instructions on the Conveners page to upload documents to the server.


PDF is the prefered format

We prefer PDF files for the talks to minimize cross-platform problems with the fonts.

Uploading Material

Contact your convener about uploading material for working group activities.