Day 1: the third CKM Workshop starts

Vivek introducing the workshop Shopping list in the marketplace And be provocative please :) The participants Shahram, we missed you!

The audience is stll very awake This is the fisrt day after all :) CDF commando Tony Sanda Tony Sanda

Tony Sanda The Chancellor: Welcome to UCSD! Ed Blucher with epsilons Jim Smith on angles Jim Smith wants to be very provocative.. sex in HEP??

BaBar over coffee break BaBar over coffee break CDF, BaBar and various theorists Michael Luke Michael Luke and what theorists love

Mikihiko Nakao Soni Andrzej Buras with penguins Andrzej Buras with a _lot_ of new physics Audience in the WG3, Session 1

Audience with smiling girl in white Ivan Furic creating suspence for the DeltaMs result Ivan Furic with the first CDF result on DeltaMs And the new combined world average Ivan Furic during question time

Martin Beneke Maurizio Pierini Charming penguin

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