Day 3: the Banquet at the Birch Aquarium

UCSD welcomes us Parking places of our hosts: Prof. Sharma and Dr. Del Re Night view on the ocean from Birch Aquarium Aperitif with ocean view Red and blue

Boris and Paola Alessandro and Ivan Honouring food and drinks Daniele and Luca Daniele and Franco

Italians with wine 149 Nicola, Matteo and Adrian Nick Triplette avec frites

Triplette avec vin Beer vs wine Frank and Kerstin Happy waiter Babar vs Belle

Caught by surprise Fanta? He must be the driver :) Theorists chatting Babarians are Having fun :) Masashi Hazumi

169 Cecilia, Andrzej and Mikolaj Will and Kate David Tony and Ikaros

Roger and Tim 183 185 Betta Alessia, Francesco and Viola

Vivek and Meera Tae Min Meera is the star! 197 Jellyfish (I)

Jellyfish (II) Jellyfish (III) Jellyfish (IV) Paolo and Mikolaj Tired Paolo :)

Maurizio and Gino Felix and Selma Andrzej and his sons (and daughter :) Belle and BaBar chatting But Belle is aggressive :)

Adrian Christoph Birch Aquarium fountain The (in)famous hot tub at Del Mar Inn But someone is still working

And Achille is thinking hard Luca writing his talk but dreaming of the hot tub

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