CKM2005 Mailing Lists

We have used mailman to setup the mailing lists for the CKM2005 working groups.

You can subscribe to your lists of interest by following the links provided in this table.

WG1: Determination of the Cabibbo angle
WG2: Determination of Vub and Vcb with semileptonic B decays
WG3: Vtd/Vts through mixings and rare B and K decays
WG4: Angles from charmless B decays
WG5: Angles from B decays with charm
WG6: CKM fits And New Physics

Use the links above to subscribe to additional lists or unsubscribe from your previous lists, or to access the archives of exisiting messages.

If your browser is configured to use your email client you can also post a message to the list by clicking on the email gateway.

In addition, we have setup a list for General Announcements to communicate to all participants. You can not post to this forum.