CKM2005: San Diego, California -- Workshop on the Unitarity Triangle, 15-18 March 2005

The field of CKM physics and CP violation has undergone rapid growth in the last few years primarily due to the tremendous productivity of the experiments and new range of precise theoretical tools being developed in the phenomenology and lattice community. It is timely for the community to meet together in a workshop atmosphere to discuss and consolidate our recent advances and collectively plan for the future directions. This is the rationale for the CKM2005 workshop at UC San Diego between 15-18 March 2005.

This is the third in a series of workshops on the CKM Unitarity Triangle. The inaugural workshop was held at CERN in February 2002 and the second workshop was in Durham in April 2003.

The CKM2005 workshop will be a culmination of the effort of six working groups which have already been identified and are beginning to organize their physics activities well in advance of the meeting. The summary of their work and discussion at the workshop will be published as working group reviews and will be a valuable resource to the community.

CKM2005 International Organizing Committee

Achille Stocchi [Orsay], Anders Ryd [Cornell], Aneesh Manohar [UCSD], Benjamin Grinstein [UCSD], Daniele del Re [UCSD], David Kirkby [UCI], Frank Wuerthwein [UCSD], Marco Battaglia [UCB], Owen Long [UCR], Paolo Gambino [Torino], Riccardo Faccini [Roma I], Shahram Rahatlou [UCSD], Steven Sharpe [Washington], Toru Iijima [Nagoya] and Vivek Sharma [UCSD]

International Advisory Committee

Aida El-Khadra [Illinois], Andreas Kronfeld [FNAL], Andrzej Buras [TU-Munich], Anthony Sanda [Nagoya], Augusto Ceccucci [CERN], David Cassel [Cornell], David MacFarlane [UCSD], Edward Blucher [Chicago], Guido Martinelli [Rome], Hiroaki Aihara [Tokyo], Jonathan Flynn [Southampton], Josef Nir [Weizmann], Joseph Kroll [Penn], Juliet Lee-Franzini [Frascati], Mark Wise [Caltech], Matthias Neubert [Cornell], Michael Gronau [Technion], Mikhail Shifman [Minnesota], Patricia Ball [Durham], Patricia McBride [FNAL], Patrick Roudeau [Orsay], Rick Van Kooten [Indiana], Roger Forty [CERN], Tetsuya Onogi [Kyoto], Weiming Yao [LBNL] and Yoshihide Sakai [KEK]

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Workshop on Rad. Corrections

This satellite workshop is scheduled for March 14 and held at UCSD. For more info click here.

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Working groups finalized

List of WG conveners is available as a PDF file, or on the WG page

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The registration deadline is February 15th, 2005.

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