Session 2
March 16, 2:30pm-4:00pm (Santa Barbara) β,γ Charm
Angle beta measurements
2:30-2:55 cos(2beta) with Bd -> J/psi K* Exp.review M.Verderi pdf
2:55-3:20 CPV in b->ccd review K.Miyabayashi pdf
3:20-3:40 Theoretical review of B-> VV modes A.Datta pdf
3:40-4:00 B -> J/psi phi exp. status at Tevatron R. Jesik pdf
Ext. WG5
Session 2
March 16, 4:30pm-5:30pm (Ballroom B) β,γ Charm
Angle beta measurements
4:30-4:40 Feasibility of beta with Bd -> Dpi0 T.Gershon pdf
4:40-4:55 B -> double charm status in BaBar M.Bruinsma pdf
4:55-5:15 B(s) -> double charm status at CDF B.Iyutin pdf
5:15-5:30 gamma from B -> D^(*)D(*) J.Albert pdf

Measurements of angle beta in several Bd/Bs decay modes with a special focus on vector-vector and double charm modes

  1. Question 1?:
    • Are we removing multiple solutions for beta? which are the experimental and the theorerical input respectively?
  2. Question 2?:
    • What do we learn from double charm decays? are there new decay modes to be investigated? which are Tevatron experimental inputs here?
  3. Question 3?
    • do we know gamma from double charm decay? which are the theoretical assumptions?