Session 1
March 16, 11:00am-1:00pm (Ballroom B) β,γ Charm
sin(2beta) in charmonium mode and experimental discussion of TD CP analysis
11:00-11:20 Theory of the golden mode T.Mannel pdf
11:20-11:45 Review of charmonium K0 analysis in Belle T.Browder pdf
11:45-12:10 Review of charmonium K0 analysis in BaBar D.Lange pdf
12:10-12:25 Experimental analysis approaches in BaBar CP measurements W.T.Ford pdf
12:25-12:35 TD CP analysis, vertexing technique in Belle A. Kusaka pdf
12:35-12:45 TD CP analysis, background suppression in Belle K.Sumisawa pdf
12:45-1:00 Discussion all pdf

sin(2beta) from Bd decay mode with charmonium and experimental discussion of time dependent CP analysis

  1. Question 1?:
    • What's the experimental status of sin(2beta) measurement with golden modes? what can we learn with more statistics? any deviation from predicted sin(2beta)? any new physics?
  2. Question 2?:
    • At what level of precision do we understand experimental resolution function and flavour tagging technique ?
    • What's the effect of background in TD CP violation measurements? flavour tagging and background suppression correlation? KL ID? other BB background CP violation?
  3. Question 3?