Session 3
March 17, 10:30am-12:30pm (Santa Barbara) β,γ Charm
Measurements of sin(2beta+gamma)
10:30-10:50 BaBar status and prospects for CP asymmetry measurements S.Ganzhur pdf
10:50-11:15 Belle status and prospects for CP asymmetry measurements F.Ronga pdf
11:15-11:25 Extraction of 2beta+gamma from B->D(*)pi C.Voena pdf
11:25-11:35 D*rho feasibility study M.Baak pdf
11:35-11:45 2beta+gamma from D+Kspi- F.Polci pdf
11:45-11:55 2beta+gamma from D0K(0/+) V.Sordini pdf
11:55-12:05 gamma with PQCD Y.Y. Keum pdf
12:05-12:30 Bs -> DsK, etc. at LHCb G.Wilkinson pdf
12:30-12:40 Lambdab->Jpsi Lambda0 feasibility study at ATLAS C.Ferretti pdf

Measurements of sin(2beta+gamma)

  1. Question 1?:
    • What's the experimental status of raw TD CP asymmetry in B->D(*)pi decay? which are the mode with best sensitivity? which are the prospect for B_s -> DsK ? can we measure rb in selftagging modes (D(*)0K*0
  2. Question 2?:
    • Are we able to extract rb from related modes? how reliable are the SU(2) or SU(3) estimates? Can we attach a theory error?
    • New modes? New techniques ?
    • and again....
  3. Question 3?