Session 5
March 18, 8:30am-10:00am (Ballroom B) β,γ Charm
Gamma from D Dalitz analysis
8:30-8:50 Theory introduction J.Zupan pdf
8:50-9:10 Belle status and prospects K.Abe pdf
9:10-9:30 BaBar status and prospects M.H.Schune pdf
9:30-9:40 Statistical treatment in BaBar DK Dalitz analysis N.Neri pdf
9:40-9:50 Experimental Input from CLEO-c D.Asner pdf
9:50-10:00 D->pi+pi-pi0 feasibility study Q.Zeng pdf

Measurement of gamma with D Dalitz analysis in B->DK modes

  1. Questions
    • What's the experimental status?
    • How do we get Dalitz model for D decay? is there a HFAG Dalitz average?
    • are there new modes we should investigate? what about double Dalitz plot analysis? can we use four body D decay modes?
    • In D0 -> KSpi+pi- what the effect of pipi S-wave knowledge? can we imp[orve it (K-matrix fit)? what's the effect of large non-resonant term ? can we cross information between different D decay Dalitz distributions ?
    • what's the sensitivity of a model independent approach ? which input we would like to have from CLEO-c? what's the experimental resolution of this inputs?
    • How do we combine information from different methods ? (GLW-ADS-Dalitz)