Session 1
March 15, 2:30pm-4:30pm (Ballroom B) α,β,γ (φ2, φ1, φ3) Charmless
chair: Masashi Hazumi
sin2βeff from s-penguin Decays
02:30-02:50 Measurement of sin2βeff in B0→ΦK0, η,KS, f0KS Koji Hara pdf
02:55-03:15 Measurement of sin2βeff in B0→KSKS KS, K+KKS, π0KS, ωKS Stephen Wagner pdf
03:20-03:40 SU(3) constraints on β – βeff Zoltan Ligeti pdf
03:45-04:05 β – βeff in QCD Factorization Martin Beneke pdf
04:10-04:30 b → s CP asymmetries and charming penguins Maurizio Pierini pdf

Charge/Theme of the session:

  1. Please see first the

    General charges for all experimental talks in WG4

  2. In addition, please consider for the experimental talks:

    • How is the CP-even fraction for K+K–Ks determined ?
    • How is the vertex reconstructed in modes with tracks from Ks only ?
    • How is background in ΦKL estimated ?
  3. For the theoretical talks:

    • What are the SM predictions for the deviation from sin2β in all these modes ? That is, what are the methods one can use to calculate them and how these methods can be checked ?
    • Are there other s-penguin decays that one can use ?
    • Can the sign of the deviation be obtained ?
    • Are there correlations between the deviation in these modes ? Are there observables or combinations of observables that have smaller SM uncertainties (sums, ratios etc.) ?