Session 2
March 17, 10:30am-12:35pm (Ballroom A) Vtd and Vts
Mixing and lifetimes
10:30-10:40 (Exp) Determination of the D-meson decay constants Anders Ryd pdf
10:50-11:15 (Th) Matrix elements for Bs, Bd mixing, and for leptonic decays of B and Dd,s Andreas Kronfeld pdf
11:25-11:35 (Exp) Bd mixing and lifetimes Nick Hastings pdf
11:45-12:00 (Th) Lifetimes and width differences of b-hadrons Cecilia Tarantino pdf
12:10-12:25 (Th) Matrix elements for Kaon mixing Chris Dawson pdf

Mixing and lifetimes:

  1. ΔMs and ΔMd:
  2. Lifetime ratios and differences:
  3. What is the value, to other experimental measurements or to CKM constraints, of improved precision in lifetimes, lifetime differences, lifetime ratios, and ΔMd? What is the ultimate precision expected in these quantities from B factories?
  4. Kaon mixing:
  5. For both lattice subjects in this session: