Session 3
March 18, 8:30am-10:00am (Santa Barbara) Vtd and Vts
Rare radiative & semileptonic B decays
8:30-8:45 (Exp) B → ργ, B → K*γ, prospects for B → Xdγ Shohei Nishida pdf
8:55-9:10 (Th) (b → dγ)/(b → sγ)
(exclusive and inclusive)
Stefan Bosch pdf
9:20-9:30 (Exp) b → sl+l- and prospects for b → dl+l- Jonathan Hollar pdf
9:40-9:50 (Th) (b → dl+l-)/(b → sl+l-)
(exclusive and inclusive)
Thorsten Feldmann pdf

Rare radiative & semileptonic B decays:

  1. The CKM constraints from (B → ργ)/(B → K*γ):
  2. Long-distance contributions to B → ργ and B → K*γ:
  3. The b → d gamma decays:
    • Is a sum-of-exclusive states (or otherwise inclusive) B → Xdγ measurement possible in the B factory era?
    • For B → Xdγ and B → ργ, what is the tradeoff between signal statistics and continuum background level for selectively tagging the recoil B?
  4. The b → (s,d)l+l- decays:
  5. Are there other interesting ratios of rates involving penguin decays which constrain the CKM matrix in a useful way (such as ratios with b → u semileptonic decays)?
  6. See also the charges for the joint session with WG2, in particular: