Joint Session
March 16, 2:30pm-4:00pm (Ballroom B) Vub and Vcb
Vtd and Vts

chair:M. Misiak
b->sg spectrum and BFs
2:30-2:50 Theory of b->sg M. Neubert pdf
2:55-3:05 b->sg spectrum from Belle A. Limosani pdf
3:10-3:20 b->sg spectrum from BaBar E. Ozcan pdf
3:25-3:40 B->K* and B->K form factors on the lattice J. Flynn pdf
3:45-4:00 Status of QCD sum rules T. Mannel pdf

b->sg spectrum and BFs

  1. Questions
    • What is the experimental status of b -> s gamma?
    • How well do we know the shape function parameters from b -> s gamma? How much improvement is possible?
    • What are the prospects for measuring the detailed shape (or moments higher than the 2nd) of the b->s gamma spectrum? Will this help in extracting Vub?
    • What is the theoretical uncertainty in heavy light transitions?
    • What is the status of lattice calculations for heavy to light form factors?
    • What is the role of light-cone QCD sum rules for heavy-to-light form factors in the era of precision determinations of CKM elements?
    • What in general is the role of exclusive determinations Vub in comparison to inclusive methods?

    Please consider the current status as well as the possibilities with 500 fb-1, and indicate what the limiting issues are/will be.