Session 1
March 16,11:00am-1:00pm (Ballroom A) Vub and Vcb
chair:S. Hashimoto
Exclusive B->Xulnu decays and Vub
11:00-11:15 B->Xulnu from Belle T. Iijima pdf
11:20-11:35 B->Xulnu from BaBar J. Dingfelder pdf
11:40-11:55 Semileptonic B decays at CLEO T. Meyer pdf
12:00-12:15 D semileptonic decays at CLEO-c V. Pavlunin pdf
12:20-12:40 Lattice QCD for heavy->light transitions J. Shigemitsu pdf

Exclusive B->Xulnu decays and Vub

  1. B->pilnu - status and prospects
    • With what accuracy can we expect to measure B->Xulnu, in bins of q^2, with 500 fb-1?
    • What is the outlook for the uncertainties on the FF at high q^2 from Lattice QCD?
    • Can uncertainties be assigned with confidence to FF predictions from LCSR?
  2. B->Xulnu (apart from pilnu)
    • What modes should be given priority?
    • Where should the theoretical effort be focused?
  3. Validation from D decays