Session 2
March 17, 2:30pm-5:00pm (Ballroom A) Vub and Vcb
chair:C. Schwanda
Inclusive b->clnu and Vcb
2:30-2:40 Hadronic D decay BFs from CLEO-c W. Sun pdf
2:45-3:05 b->clnu moments measurements P. Urquijo pdf
3:10-3:20 b->clnu mass moments from CDF A. Cerri pdf
3:25-3:40 Exploring B mesons through Heavy Quark Expansion in B->Xc l nu N. Uraltsev pdf
3:45-4:00 b->clnu moments in Y(1S) scheme A. Manohar pdf
4:05-4:10 Selected theoretical aspects of the light-like b->s gam transitions N. Uraltsev pdf
4:10-5:00 Discussion P. Gambino Gambino Flaecher

Determining Vcb and HQE parameters from inclusive b -> clnu decays

  1. Experimental issues:
    • M_X and E_l moments from Y(4S): How can the lepton momentum treshold be lowered, how can the precision at low p^*_min be improved?
    • Are radiative corrections correctly accounted for in present measurements?
    • Have branching fraction/moment measurements already reached their ultimate precision, or is there room for improvement?
  2. Theoretical issues:
    • Which quantities should be measured, which moments are 'most constraining'?
    • On which issues do the different groups agree, which issues are most controversial?
    • Non-integer moments: Can we compute them accurately, or are they affected by larger irreducible theory errors?
    • Estimates of theory errors: How do the different strategies compare? Are current estimates realistic? What are the main components of the theory error?
    • Inclusion of radiative moments, the problem of the cut on E_gamma, inclusion of (truncated) b->u moments
  3. Vcb fits:
    • How well is the agreement amongst different experiments/with theory?
    • Can we have a new global fit including all new Belle/CDF/Babar and old Delphi data at the workshop?
    • Who should do Vcb fits in the future? Experimentalists or theorists?