Session 4
March 18, 10:30-13:00 (San Francisco) Vub and Vcb
chair:R. Kowalewski
Inclusive b->ulnu and Vub
10:30-10:45 b->ulnu from Belle I. Bizjak pdf
10:50-11:05 b->ulnu from BaBar C. Bozzi pdf
11:10-11:25 Shape functions S. Bosch pdf
11:30-11:40 Charmless B decays and the extraction of Vub G. Paz pdf
11:45-12:00 Extraction of Vub C. Bauer pdf
12:00-13:00 Discussion Z. Ligeti web page

Vub from inclusive b->ulnu decays

  1. Outlook now (LP2005) and with 500 fb-1
    • What are the prospects for tagged analyses?
    • Will untagged analyses be done on larger datasets, i.e. is there room for improvement?
    • What impact will better measurements of D decays have?
    • Will the resolution on P+ be good enough to allow a measurement of SF parameters in b->ulnu events?
    • How useful are other b->ulnu distributions in validating the theory e.g. M(X_u) moments?
    • Are there outstanding theoretical issues on the road to a 5% Vub average?
    • When will we have updated information on Weak Annihilation? With what accuracy?
    • For which theoretical uncertainties is there a consensus on their evaluations? Where there is no consensus how numerically significant are the differences?